High Performance “Coaching” for 30+ Impactpreneurs

🔥 Ready to achieve your Big Goal in just 4 to 6 months?

Our 1-on-1 program helps you 2X your work performance without dropping important balls, so you can grow your business more consistently without burning out.

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Give Performance Anxiety the Stiff Arm. ✋🏼 PRIORITIZE YOUR FUTURE.

Every entrepreneur has a Big Goal they’d achieve, if only “certain conditions” were right.

Maybe you can’t decide on next steps.

Or maybe you’ve decided, even planned them, but you can’t focus or clear your plate enough to make real progress.

We feel that.

The Major Force High Performance Program gets you to the root of why your Big Goal is still just a goal, by clearing the pressure, imbalances, and prioritization hurdles in your way.

And it’s not technically (just) “coaching.”

Major Force is a hybrid, 1-to-1 Performance Program for entrepreneurs who consider themselves Change Agents.

It teaches you specific tools and strategies to:

  • recognize and reduce the roadblocks tanking your work performance; and
  • finally achieve your Big Growth Goals, without sacrificing your health or relationships.

In just a few months, you’ll be more focused on the Real Work and less distracted by old, unproductive habits. And with scientific strategies and experienced guidance, you’ll build change that LASTS.

You’ll be less affected by the pressure of doing business, so you can finally prioritize YOUR FUTURE, and stop fighting fires.


You’ll build strength and resilience in four areas that neither
business coaching, life coaching, or therapy completely cover:


Our 5-part, high performance methodology helps you SPARK Lasting Change℠ in 4 to 6 months, without running yourself into the ground.

We do that through the following phases:

In this phase, you’ll learn: Why does my next goal feel so “stretchy”?

You’ll discover how it’s really not “self sabotage.”

We discuss habits, hormones (yes hormones, guys), and debunk the “mindset cure.”

Finally, we help you clarify—very specifically, and unique to YOU— what’s really standing in the way of your next steps.

In this phase, you’ll find more balance.

Start with some “quick wins” to unblock your forward momentum. You’ll uncover your unique, specific warning signs your performance is about to derail.

You’ll learn concrete action steps to take to stop “self sabotage” before it starts.

You’ll dig deeper into outside factors impacting your performance, and start to take out the trash.

In this phase, you’ll build authentic actions that support high performance.

If something is distracting you from Right Action, we find it. You’ll establish and realign with what YOU want for your entrepreneurship journey—without apologizing to industry, peers, partners, or friends/family.

You’ll start learning “depressurization” tools to use daily (<15m/day) that help you work with greater focus and ease, even under pressure.

Finally, we’ll build you a specific coping formula to use quickly and decisively in (literally) any tough, complex situation, to help you move through as gracefully as possible.

In this phase, you’ll finalize a simple daily balance routine you can stick with.

You’ve had weeks of practice seeing what focus and grounding tools work for you (and don’t).

Now, we solidify a Balance Plan that supports high efficiency. And we clear away the most significant last cobwebs (beliefs and habits) slowing you down from the productivity level you want.

In the last phase, you’ll convert long-term growth goals into TODAY’S daily steps.

We get a clear picture of where you are, where you’d like to get to, and what specific plans, tools, people, and/or processes should be in place to bridge the gap.

We’ll solidify your Performance Plan: Your highest-impact Big Goals, what to prioritize to reach them faster (with less stress and effort), and any resources available to help streamline or automate the work.

By the end, you’ll have mapped out your 10-year goals, then chosen your Minimum Daily Actions to do NOW to get you there.

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How it works:

Once this cohort is accepting applications, you’ll be invited to a private, 1:1 Q&A.

There, you’ll get answers to any and all questions you have about Major Force.
And you can share the concerns and blocks you’re experiencing, for help deciding if it’s right for you.