About Major Force

Our Vision

To be the top High Performance Coaching program for 30-plus impactpreneurs ready to squash performance anxiety and crush their Big Goal in 4 to 6 months.

Our Mission

To achieve this, we will:

  • Help 30-plus impactpreneurs refine their Big Goal and convert it to doable action steps.

  • Help them grow with more confidence and consistency by prioritizing balance.

  • Stay current on how chronic stress and ACEs impact adult brains, bodies, and behavior.
  • Offer simple, natural ways impactpreneurs can maintain their balance and busy schedules.
  • Stay current in bottom-up stress management to help clients release the mind/body stress causing business roadblocks.
  • Lead by example, in hiring only hire team members who practice radical self-care.
  • Regularly fortify our own focus, resilience, and priorities to excel in the entrepreneur performance coaching field.

  • Regularly refine 20+ years of business management and guerrilla marketing expertise to offer the most relevant advice.
  • Help clients build and apply high-impact action plans to quickly progress their Big Goal.
  • Offer actionable strategies clients can use to maintain balance easier while scaling.
  • Teach, write, or run events for leading Impact Companies to expand our impact.
  • Partner with impact-driven experts and incubators that support 30-plus impactpreneurs.



To help 30-plus impactpreneurs squash performance anxiety
and convert their Big Goal into doable action steps.

Unchecked mind/body stress and poor prioritizing
keep most biz owners from
performing how they want.

Our root-cause high performance coaching program helps them
get bold and balanced in under 6 months,
to spark massive change for the people they serve.