Hit Your “Big Goal” in 4 to 6 Months.

Helping IMPACTpreneurs grow faster without sacrificing health or relationships. ✔️

Doing too much? See how I got 280% more clients with 70% LESS work.

Distractions, distractions, and more f*%ing distractions. 😓

What’s stopping YOU from doing the Real Work—that work YOU KNOW will help you achieve your Big Goal and reach the next level?

Is it…

  • Can’t decide what deserves your attention?
  • Still getting used to remote working?
  • Too many household chores?
  • “Can’t afford to” hire help?
  • Performance anxiety holding you back?
  • Can’t keep yourself motivated?
  • Relationship stuff?
  • Something else?
  • Something else?
  • Something else??

Q: WHY do these things keep distracting you? And HOW can you finally fix it?

A: By getting to the ROOT of what’s sapping your energy, motivation, and ability to be consistent.


If you want to spark lasting change and break burn the cycle℠
…then addressing the “root cause” is key.

Hint: Most business coaching and consulting can’t get us unstuck.


Many coaches/consultants ignore the importance of mindset.

Plus, the entrepreneur is more stressed than the average bear.
And this pressure changes how we think, speak, feel, and act.

Even more importantly:

The longer we’ve been under excess pressure,
the tougher it is to change (and

(Pro Tip: This is also why it’s so tough for
childhood trauma survivors to
create habit change that
lasts. ♥)

So when creating lasting change for our businesses,
coaching and consulting can help us build an action plan.

But it can’t make us stick to it.


And “mindset coaching” isn’t enough.


Prolonged stress changes how we think, speak, feel, and act.


And mindset coaching doesn’t account for
how the brain and body naturally work (…or stop working…)
when under too much pressure.

If we could just “think” our way into acting different consistently,
then everyone would do it.

But science says:

When we’re under too much pressure,
our great “mindset work” gets buried

Fear, anxiety, and procrastination take over.

Again. ($@#%.)


And therapy might take us to dark places.


Standard psychotherapy involves lots (and lots) of talking.
This can be useful, necessary, and well… very therapeutic.

But we may not need to dredge up pain from the past,
just to function better TODAY.

Plus, if you’re a BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or other under-served human,
with the shortage of therapists that see the world like you…
it can be tough to find one who can relate to your experience anyway.

Don’t get us wrong:

Therapy is great and NECESSARY
when we need to talk through WHY we do something.

Or we need a deep dive into the past.

Or we need to “vent and lament,” like we all sometimes do.

But when you’re not preoccupied with the past, and just want
more self awareness and ACTION steps for tangible growth?

Talk therapy misses the mark.


The Key is Doing the Deep Work … but In the Right Order.

Enter Major Force.

Major Force is a root-cause high performance coaching program
helping age 30-plus impactpreneurs like you
get and stay focused, flexible, and balanced
while turning your Big Goal into today’s action steps.


By giving you the tools, steps, and practical strategies to
stay in GROWTH mode. Not survival mode.

Consider this:

Many of us have been chronically stressed since childhood.

This means many of the decisions we make,
in life and in business,
—AND the ways we respond to stress—

are just the body protecting itself: “Survival mode.”

Our nervous system is trying to avoid more discomfort.

But “discomfort” is what successful entrepreneurship is all about!

So Priority One is learning to perform well enough to stabilize growth through that “regular entrepreneurial discomfort” … so you can grow the company faster without running yourself into the ground.


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